The new version 1.9.83 fixes a bug that prevented VR Photo from starting on iOS versions prior to iOS 9.

Accidentally the last update causes VR Photo to crash on startup when running on iOS version prior to iOS 9.
An update allready was submitted to Apple and will be released soon. We appologize for the inconvenience.

  • The App icon supports 3D Touch on new iPhones
  • a bug with the Camera view on some devices has been fixed
  • a bug where some buttons were covered by the keyboard has been fixed
  • a bug wher a new VR Photo was not displaying correctly when the name already existed and the old file was replaced has been fixed
  • A general bug with exporting video on some devices has been fixed
  • A bug with exporting video in landscape orientation has been fixed

The Webplayer has been revised:
- the Webplayer HTML file can be renamed without affecting its function
- W3C valid HTML
- it is now much easier to integrate several VR photos on a single HTML page
Also a bug in the Export View has been fixed