• The App icon supports 3D Touch on new iPhones
  • a bug with the Camera view on some devices has been fixed
  • a bug where some buttons were covered by the keyboard has been fixed
  • a bug wher a new VR Photo was not displaying correctly when the name already existed and the old file was replaced has been fixed
  • A general bug with exporting video on some devices has been fixed
  • A bug with exporting video in landscape orientation has been fixed

The Webplayer has been revised:
- the Webplayer HTML file can be renamed without affecting its function
- W3C valid HTML
- it is now much easier to integrate several VR photos on a single HTML page
Also a bug in the Export View has been fixed

The new version brings support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The new version VR Photo LT 1.3.1 fixes problems with opening VR Photos that are stored in iCloud Drive.