The new version VR Photo 1.9.1 fixes problems with opening VR Photos that are stored in iCloud Drive.
In addition, a problem has been fixed where only a section of high-resolution VR photos was exported as a movie if the high resolution option was not switched on in the settings.

The new Version 1.9 of VR Photo lets you create VR Photos with double resolution (768 px x 1024 px), this also improves image quality in fullscreen view on iPad.
Hires VR Photos are exported in the higher resolution and exported Widgets now have edges for dragging at all sides.

In addition to the optimization for iOS 7, the new release contains all bug fixes from the full version of VR Photo.

The new version allows the Camera View to be resized by double tapping on devices with 4" Display and a bug has been fixed that caused vrloc files to not open properly when starting the app for the first time.
Switching between views now works faster on some devices and also some corrections on the help texts have been made.

VR Photo 1.7 allows the posting of movies on Facebook, export as movie via e-mail and Camera Roll and contains various internal improvements.